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From: Jake Toksmer
Subject: College and Grad School 3&4Before you read the next bit, I just want to thank everyone who’s written
to me. It’s really been encouraging to me.Chapter 3: AlmostJeremy and I started seeing each other. It wasn’t a big deal, and it
wasn’t hard to do, but we really spent A LOT of time together. For the
most part, we figured no one knew what was up. Preteen Gallery Hanging out in my room, we
always had the door open Preteen Gallery and acted like buddies, and hanging out in his
room, no one ever knew we were there - unless his roommate was home.There’s something I have to say about Jeremy’s roommate. I mentioned
before how he was from some foreign country, but we - Jeremy, me, any of
our friends - had no idea how irritating and odd he could be. Jeremy had
told us about it early on - after about the second week the roommate (who
we called Stan as in TajikiSTAN) started getting a little odd. He didn’t
want to bother learning English as near as we could tell, and either didn’t
understand us or didn’t want us to know that he understood. Either way,
his behavior was odd.Examples:1) Stan ate by himself at all meals. And he ate the same thing every time.
Toast with mustard on it. Several slices, but nothing more. Always the
same thing. 2) He sang himself to sleep. He would put on his ancient
headset and literally shriek for 45 minutes to an hour while lying in bed
at night. Jeremy came up and brought Dave and me both down one night and
just opened the door. We heard it in the darkness; Jeremy wasn’t lying,
and Stan wasn’t quiet. He was SCREAMING in whatever language he spoke. We
nearly died laughing. 3) He seemed to have one friend - some other
exchange student who also didn’t speak English. It’s the only person we
saw Stan try to communicate with. 4) Stan was a bit of a klepto. He
seemed to think everything in the room was his just as much as it was
Jeremy’s. Despite repeated attempts, Jeremy couldn’t get him to stop or
understand. Really valuable stuff Jeremy owned he kept up in our room.Jeremy had told Stan about his sexuality shortly after accepting it himself
and revealing it to me. He said he told Stan outright he was gay, and the
guy sat there with a blank look on his face, not understanding a word. I
laughed when Jeremy told me how he was trying to describe it really loudly
and with hand motions and the guy just sat and stared, never responding.My room became the room to hang out in, his room became our little make-out
cove. We only rarely made the occasional mistake, realizing we were
holding hands while watching tv in my room, for example. To the best of my
knowledge, Dave never saw that. We did sit very close, and Dave one Preteen Gallery day
did mention that - but more of an off-hand “you two don’t have to sit THAT
close to each other.” He probably knew - we were sitting side by side, I
was in nothing but my underwear, and it was just the three of us in the
room watching tv (there were often six to ten people enjoying our tv and
surround sound).We didn’t sleep together, or do anything other than make out and hold
hands… I didn’t want to push Jeremy too fast or do anything that would
get him found out. I didn’t much care, and a good portion of the campus
(oddly enough, not my roommate nor many of my friends) knew me to be
sexually ambiguous (i.e. bisexual. What was downstairs didn’t matter much
as long as the person controlling it was as into it as I was). But it was
important to him to stay fairly reclusive - he wanted to get into a
fraternity, and figured that there would be some backlash or he’d be
outright Preteen Gallery rejected if he were openly gay. So we tried to keep it as quiet
as we could.Stan found us after about a week or two. He came back and we were on the
floor, sitting there making out. He stopped, then decided to ignore us.
We stopped, I apologized, and then we went right back to making out again.
Stan sat down and started studying, and Jeremy and I kept right on doing
what we were doing.There was an upcoming conference that Dave was going to be attending, which
meant I’d have the room to myself. The first night I planned on having
Jeremy come up and, well, taking it to the next level. Unfortunately, as I
walked back into my room after my after-workout shower, I found three Preteen Gallery of my
friends sitting around, two playing the Playstation. I threw on a pair of
jeans and sat down to play as well. It was well after midnight when they
called it quits… and I went downstairs and quietly knocked on Jeremy’s
door. He was, unfortunately, asleep; I woke him up, he wasn’t angry, but
he wanted to get back to bed. I think he said he had a test the next day
or something. I told him good luck, went back upstairs, shed the jeans,
and crawled into bed.While I was lying there I got really excited about what I was hoping would
happen the next night. I started stroking myself, and rubbing my chest
with my other hand. I kept holding back, let myself get close the edge and
then stopping. I was really enjoying myself and hoping that I’d get the
chance to do something more the next night. After awhile I started
stroking really fast, really feeling it, and I arched my back up and shot
my load. I cleaned myself off with a towel or an old t-shirt or something
and went to sleep.The next night Jeremy and I went to dinner. He was pretty happy about how
his test went and came right back to my room with me after dinner. We got
inside and watched a movie. Then, since it was only about 9, we went off
to the gym. After a good workout we came back, rather sweaty and shivering
(it was a cold night). Almost without thinking I held his hand as we
walked back to the dorms. I don’t remember seeing anyone, and even if we
had, I wouldn’t have cared. I’m sure he wouldn’t have let me if he saw
someone, so the coast was definitely clear.Back at the dorm we walked up to my room and I started shedding clothes:
shoes, socks, shirt, and shorts when Jeremy said to stop. Standing in my
underwear, I asked him if he was alright.”You okay?”"Yeah,” he said, “but I’m not so sure about this… you know, just like
this.”"Huh?” I asked.”I’m just not… I mean, it’s not that I don’t want to, I just don’t
think…”"Oh, haha…” I laughed, realizing what he thought was about to happen.
“I’m just going to go shower. I’m a little ripe… you might want to,
too.”I walked over Preteen Gallery to him, wrapped my arms around him and kissed him, and said,
“Of course you could shower up here and we could conserve water for the
planet” and winked. He laughed and said he’d run downstairs, but he’d be
back up after cleaning up. We kissed again and he went downstairs.I stripped off that last layer and headed for the shower. Halfway there I
turned around to go grab my towel. I hardly ever wrapped it around me when
I went to the shower (all-male dorm and it’s only thirty feet down the
hall) and on more than one occasion had only realized it AFTER I finished
showering. I got in there and thought, “this is it. This is the night.
I’m going to get those boxers off Preteen Gallery Jeremy.” Being a little full of myself I
was also thinking, “And I’m going to take him someplace he’s never been.”I went back to my room and threw on my favorite pair of lycra trunks
(they’re black Preteen Gallery with green squares on the sides). About ten minutes later,
I heard a knock. Jeremy, the cutie, had come upstairs as though we were
going out first. He was fully dressed, including having his shoes on. I
laughed, kissed him and pulled him inside.We started making out… Preteen Gallery we kissed and I moved down towards his neck. I
love a good smooth neck, I have to admit, and his was great. Not that I
hadn’t been here before, but tonight was different. We weren’t in his
room, half-hiding and half-flaunting it in front of his roommate. We
weren’t fully clothed - well, he was, but I wasn’t.I put my hands onto his sides and grabbed his shirt. I pulled it up over
his beautiful abs as I leaned over and began to kiss and caress those
sculpted works of art with my lips. I quickly had his shirt off and had
him sitting on the bed, where I moved on to his nipples. As I started on
his right, I gently pushed him back to where he was reclining on my bed. I
rolled around with my tongue and suckled ever so lightly, before kissing my
way across his chest to the other. He had goosebumps all over his body - I
could see them on his hairless chest and his arms. Preteen Gallery As I worshipped his
chest I ran my hands over his crotch, feeling the growing bulge beneath his
jeans.I stopped momentarily and quickly pulled off his shoes and socks. I wasn’t
about to stay stopped for very long, though, and quickly climbed back up
his body, starting as his navel and working my way back up his chest,
stopping at his neck and going to town kissing and caressing it once more.
Then back up to his mouth, I kissed him deep and passionately.We flipped, to that I was flat on my Preteen Gallery back and he was on top Preteen Gallery of me. He was
essentially mimicking what I had just done, but I encouraged him, telling
him what to do and telling him how good he was doing. He had a bunch to
learn, but he was off to a very good start.We flipped again. I went to town on his chest again and started rubbing
the tough spot there at the front of his jeans. I felt him tense up as I
moved below his belly button, right at the top of his jeans. I started to
undo his belt when I felt him tense up… I eased up and moved back up his
chest. He relaxed a little bit and moaned ever so softly, but instead of
moving back down I headed to his lips, French kissing him some more. While
we embraced and passionately kissed I felt his body Preteen Gallery tense up…Yeah, he came. I didn’t care and continued to kiss him, but he was spent
after that. He wasn’t into it now. He tried - I could tell he wanted to -
but he just didn’t have it in him. I knew what had happened, and I wasn’t
going to say anything. He eased off as slowly as he could, but he was
definitely done for the night, or at least the next little while. I eased
off, gently rubbing his chest and kissing him lightly on the neck. He
didn’t say much but when I paused, he awkwardly said he needed to run to
the bathroom…Knowing full well what had happened and how embarrassed he probably was, I
just said to hurry back.The moment he left the room I pulled down my trunks and went to town on my
own pleading, throbbing dick. It didn’t take more than about ten seconds
before I came all over a wad of Kleenex that I chucked into the trashcan.
Pulling my underwear back up just in time, Jeremy walked back into the
room, looking as he did before. Having barely had the opportunity to
check, I could tell he had run downstairs and changed his boxers.As lame as it sounds, I found it really cute that he couldn’t hold it back
and that he ran downstairs to change so that I wouldn’t know. He was so
embarrassed. And I didn’t say a thing. We kissed again, but having both,
individually, blown our loads I figured it’d be best if we tried to get
some rest and not try anything else for that night.”I’m pretty tired… maybe we should get some shut-eye,” I said as I turned
on the lamp on the dresser next to my bed and turned off the overhead
light.”Yeah, it’s been a long day; that’s probably a good idea,” he replied,
clearly relieved. I grabbed his hand and pulled him toward me and over to
my bed. I pulled the covers back and slipped in between. He stood there
for a second and then pulled down his jeans, then Preteen Gallery climbed into bed next to
me. He was nervous as I reached over him and put out the light on my
dresser.I kissed him and he Preteen Gallery kissed back. It was a beautiful kiss, long, passionate
and deep. And when our lips broke contact I wrapped my arm over his side
and around those sculpted abs and pulled him into my chest. Spooning, we
went to sleep. I’m not sure if he slept at all (probably didn’t), but I
went to sleep almost instantly and barely moved all night.Chapter 4: Take TwoWe woke up the next morning and were immediately making out. I went right
back into what I had been doing the night before, worshipping his chest
with my tongue. I moved slowly down, down, down, right down past his navel
to the elastic on his underwear. Here it was, something I’d been waiting
to see, embrace, and pleasure for months.There was a bulging tent in those boxers as I pulled them down. He took a
sharp breath as I pulled them down his legs and off his body. I tossed
them to the floor and sat there for a moment, admiring his naked form. It
was the first time I’d seen him entirely naked, Preteen Gallery and I wasn’t about to miss
the opportunity to learn every detail.I know I’ve said it before, but he really did have the most perfectly
sculpted chest I’d ever seen. Beautiful pecs, well-defined abs… and now
an unbroken sight of skin down to his amazing legs. Like I said, his chest
was nearly hairless. So was the rest of him. I had noticed just the
barest scattering of hair on his legs, and aside from a tiny patch of hair
around his dick, there was no more hair to be found. He was just stunning,
like a horny Roman athlete lying there in front of me.He was circumcised (for those of you that keep track of these things), and
his averagely-sized dick was in serious need of attention. Not wanting a
repeat of last night where he came prematurely, I pounced, wrapping my
mouth around his dick and quickly getting down to business. I was moving
my lips up and Preteen Gallery
down his shaft, eliciting a huge moan from Jeremy.”Oh my God! Oh, shit! Unh!” he moaned.It didn’t take long. Just as I was getting into a good rhythm I felt his
entire body tense and he shot his load into my mouth. I didn’t stop
anything I was doing, though. I wasn’t going to miss out on one drop of
Jeremy’s juice and though I slowed, I didn’t pause at all. I swallowed
everything there was, fondling and caressing his balls as his shots became
weaker and farther apart. It was all over way too quickly, probably too
fast for Jeremy to really have realized what was happening or really enjoy
it.I pulled my mouth off his dick and kissed gently around his dick, kissing
down the right side and into the crook between where his leg met his body.
I moved just to the left and kissed his balls before moving on to the crook
on his left leg and then back up the left side of his dick. I paused and
looked up to see Jeremy’s face, stunned. He was so adorable, staring at me
with eyes full of what I can only describe as wonder and pleasure. I
stared back and then climbed up to his face, kissing him deeply. We kissed
and embraced and cuddled for what seemed like ages.I rolled over onto my back and he rolled onto his side, throwing an arm
over my chest and his left leg over my left leg, holding onto me tightly
from my left side. I put my arm around his shoulders and kissed him. Then
he rested his head on my shoulder and I quickly felt the dead weight on me
of someone who’s fallen asleep. It was probably eight in the morning, and I
didn’t have class until ten. I was wide-awake, surprised and elated at
what we had shared, however fast or faintly innocent it may have been.I let him sleep for about an hour and then nudged him. He woke up and I
told him I needed to go to class. We disentangled ourselves and I climbed
out of bed while he half-covered himself with the covers. I turned around
and kissed him, pulled him out of bed and embraced him. We held for a
moment or two before we broke it off and I picked up his boxers and his
jeans. He pretty hastily put on his boxers, jeans, and t-shirt, then
grabbed his shoes and socks and headed out of my room.I tore off my trunks and literally ran to the bathroom. I hopped in the
shower and jacked off. I had a great night, but naturally wanted more. I
knew he did, too, but it was going to take some time… we’d just have to
wait and see how long it would take.One thing was for sure, though: he’d be staying with me again that night.
As I brushed my teeth before heading off to class I hoped that at the very
least there’d be a repeat performance.I ran off to class - something only geeks like me study, like Anglo-Saxon
poetry or something. Who knows, who cares. Preteen Gallery I went about my day with a
decent grin on my face. I went for a workout in the afternoon and for a
good long swim before meeting a couple buddies of mine for dinner. After
dinner, I went back to my dorm room and started playing on the Playstation.
A couple of friends showed up and we played for a couple hours, then
ordered a pizza. Jeremy showed up about fifteen minutes before the pizza
arrived and we all chilled out and watched some tv. The other guys got up
as whatever we were watching ended and headed out.We left the door open for a few minutes, just a couple of guys hanging out.Then I closed the door and then practically leapt at Jeremy, planting my
lips on his and wrapping our arms around each other. We made out as we
made our way to my bed, leaping onto the mattress and not even stopping to
catch our breath. Lying there, we made out more. He was more confident
than last night, and wanted to get right into it. He stopped at one point
and looked up at me.”Did you go swimming today?”I laughed that he could taste the chlorine on me. We went back to making
out and we flipped over so that I was on top of him. I lifted up his shirt
and, like the night before, I went to town on his chest. While I was on
top of him, though, he was running his hands all over my back. He grabbed
my shirt as I started to sit up and tugged; clearly he wanted it off. I
helped and while I was pulling it over my head he started to undo my belt.
Taking the hint, I went ahead and finished the job, shedding my jeans,
underwear, and socks. I was there, lying on top of him, stark naked while
he was fully clothed. We continued to make out, and eventually I got all
of his clothes off, too. He was hesitant again when I got down to his
boxers, but relented and there we were, both naked, kissing and embracing
as lovers. It was fantastic.He pushed me off of him, though, wanting, perhaps needing, to slow down.
As we slowed up and flipped back to where I was lying on my back again. He
seemed to be getting into it, and seemed to know what he was doing. And he
was so much more comfortable, having abandoned a lot of the nervousness he
had from the night before.I pulled him closer as I raised my legs up, wrapping my legs around him a
bit as we continued to kiss. He wasn’t entirely sure where I was Preteen Gallery going
with this, I guess, since he didn’t make any effort to penetrate me. I
finally had to tell him.”Do it, Jeremy. Come on… I want you inside me…” I said while he kissed
my neck.He stopped, looked down at me, and moved his hand down to his dick. He had
to stop and back away, lining up this hole-in-one. I stopped him, though,
leaning up and running some lube (I kept it right by the bed in a small
drawer) on his dick. It had been a fair while for me, and I was hoping for
a smooth an entry as possible. Sufficiently slick, I pulled his mouth to
mine, kissed him, and told him to go for it.He pushed in. I felt every last millimeter of him as he did, moaning with
pleasure and enjoying the look on his face as he realized what he was
doing. He slowly started to pump in and out, but not very far. He was
inexperienced, and I know he wanted to do a good job. And he did. For
about thirty seconds. Maybe less. He very quickly picked up his pace
after a moment, spurred on no doubt Preteen Gallery by my moaning. I felt him shoot into
me Preteen Gallery and begged him to keep going, telling him not to pull out. He was
spent, though, I could tell. The look on his face was total ecstasy,
relief, and exhaustion, all at once. I pulled him close and had we kissed,
as he stayed inside me for another few moments.Only after that did he slowly pull out. We lightly cleaned up and then
embraced, while he laid there and recovered from what had just happened.
We held each other for a few moments and he said he wanted me to top him.
He wanted to feel me inside him, to know what the look on my face meant.As my hard-on was almost becoming painful, I told him to lie back. He
asked what he needed to do, and I told him just to relax, to let me do all
the work. We kissed some more, and I positioned his legs up on my
shoulders. I told him to tell me if it hurt, if he wanted me to stop, and
anything else he wasn’t sure about. I knew what to expect, but he was
definitely about to experience something new to him.I grabbed the lube and put a bit in my hand, getting it all over my
fingers. I told him to relax and I put a bit more in my hand as I brought
my hand to his hole. He jumped a little when he felt the lube and then my
hand, and I placed my other hand on his stomach (oh, those abs!) and told
him to relax. And then I slowly inserted one finger. He gasped, having
never tried this before (he confessed later everything that night was new
to him). I asked him how it felt, and he said it was weird, but kind of
good. I pushed my finger in a bit further. He arched his back and neck
when I did, surprised at what he was feeling. I stopped and let him feel
what it was like to have anything inside him… just a finger. He was
enjoying it, that much was sure.I stopped and pulled my finger out. I lubed up my dick and asked him if he
was ready. He said he was, but said to make sure I went slowly. Even
though he had just come in me not ten minutes before, he was rock-hard
again. I pushed in slowly, as he was surprised at the size and feeling of
even an average-sized object going the wrong way - heading inside. I
slowly pushed in, stopping a couple of times until he was comfortable
enough for me to keep moving. Lots of little gasps and little moans, and
finally, I was all the way in. I leaned in and kissed him passionately,
and while I kissed him I slid out a bit and pushed back in, starting up my
rhythm.He moaned and couldn’t keep up the kiss. He was in a total state of bliss.
And within a minute, two minutes tops, he was coming again. I felt him
stiffen and I felt his hole tighten around my shaft as he came on his
stomach. He moaned and I picked up my pace a little bit. His moaning got
louder, but I leaned in and kissed as I pumped in and out of him, much
longer thrusts than what he had done when inside me.I kept going, but the look on his face was changing slightly. He was still
really enjoying it, but having just blown his load again - and the third
time that day - he was now feeling me inside him more than he probably
would have liked for the first time. But he didn’t want me to quit, which
was good. It didn’t take long, though - only a couple of minutes after he
came all over himself my balls tightened up and I shot my load into him.
His eyes, almost closed, sprang open. It was something he had definitely
never felt, and he was enjoying it.I slowed up a lot as my orgasm ended, and then slowly pulled out. I
grabbed a towel and hastily cleaned myself and him a little bit before
tossing the towel aside and laying down next Preteen Gallery to him and pulling him to his
side. We kissed and wrapped our bodies around each other. Like that
morning, I eventually rolled onto my back and he curled up around my body.
We kissed and cuddled as we drifted off to sleep. Sometime in the middle
of the night Preteen Gallery I woke up. Jeremy was still lying there, our bodies
intertwined. I pulled myself apart from him and got up, turned out the
light (we had left it on accidentally), and climbed back into bed with him.
He woke up while I was doing this, of course, but was plenty tired and
wasn’t going anywhere. As I climbed into bed, I put my arms around him and
we spooned, this time in nothing at all. My entire body, all of it,
pressed up against his entire body.We went to sleep, and the next morning parted the way we had the day
before. I showered and went to class. As we had made it - finally - to
the next level, we now only had to worry about how to work it out so we
could do this more often. We weren’t sure what we were going to do, but
eventually we worked it out. And I’ll explain that, and how Jeremy became
pretty experimental, next time.

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